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Social media brings out the worst in sports fans

Social media brings out the worst in sports fans

My one personal pleasure, my escape from the world in recent weeks, has been watching the NHL playoffs.

As I have watched the NHL playoffs I have used twitter a bit during hockey games to see fan reactions during hockey games.  I have also commented on sports topics on various websites that allow comments on articles.

Many of the comments made on social media and various sports blogs about specific athletes, are absolutely brutal.  It is sad for fans of any sport, of any team, to wish players get hurt, or simpy die!

As if it is not bad enough that juvenile fans make smart remarks about players and their cities, it is sad when professional media people make things so personal, as I remarked in a previous post on how Boston broadcaster Jack Edwards compared Matt Cooke to assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

In an article on a Pittsburgh media website remarks were made about Pittsburgh fans not giving credit to the opponent for game plans and execution. The jab is followed by the remarks, "educated fan bases do that." Posting to the article is done through a Facebook account.  Following the link to the person who posted the remarks, he appears to be a reporter for a Boston based publication.  His facebook page includes a few personal digs on Penguin players that sure makes his remarks about "educated fan bases" seem a bit hypocritical.

NFL officials lockout resolved by social media?

Football officials voting on a call
Just days after social media outlets went wild over a controversial call on the final play of Monday Night Football, the league resolved their issues with NFL officials.

Many players were defiant in their remarks both in interviews as well as on social media outlets such as Twitter openly blasting the replacement officials. In the days that followed Monday's Packers versus Seahawks game players and fans alike complained on Twitter. NFL commissioner Goodell’s office was flooded with angry voicemails.

It would appear that the public pressure on social media was a catalyst to resolve the issue as the NFL and the referees union worked swiftly to get a deal done during the week and had all their issues resolved before the next NFL game on Thursday.

In his statement to the fan's released on Friday Roger Goodell stated: "... I regret we were not able to secure an agreement sooner in the process and avoid the unfortunate distractions to the game. You deserve better."

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