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Social media brings out the worst in sports fans

Social media brings out the worst in sports fans

My one personal pleasure, my escape from the world in recent weeks, has been watching the NHL playoffs.

As I have watched the NHL playoffs I have used twitter a bit during hockey games to see fan reactions during hockey games.  I have also commented on sports topics on various websites that allow comments on articles.

Many of the comments made on social media and various sports blogs about specific athletes, are absolutely brutal.  It is sad for fans of any sport, of any team, to wish players get hurt, or simpy die!

As if it is not bad enough that juvenile fans make smart remarks about players and their cities, it is sad when professional media people make things so personal, as I remarked in a previous post on how Boston broadcaster Jack Edwards compared Matt Cooke to assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

In an article on a Pittsburgh media website remarks were made about Pittsburgh fans not giving credit to the opponent for game plans and execution. The jab is followed by the remarks, "educated fan bases do that." Posting to the article is done through a Facebook account.  Following the link to the person who posted the remarks, he appears to be a reporter for a Boston based publication.  His facebook page includes a few personal digs on Penguin players that sure makes his remarks about "educated fan bases" seem a bit hypocritical.

NHL lockout: fans need to make some noise!

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Talks broke off on Thursday between the NHL and its players' association  and the NHL owners over the current labor dispute.

No more optimism?

NHL commissioner Bettman used phrases such as "extraordinarily unhappy" and "thoroughly disappointed" to describe the situation on Thursday.

Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, one of 18 players who attended the meeting remarked, "In a nutshell, it doesn't look good right now."

Both sides sounding so pessimistic reminds us of a line from a popular 1960s song, "Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong."

In any dispute, if both parties aren't willing to come to the table, no one wins.  It's not a matter of right and wrong, it is a matter of both sides being committed to resolving the issue.

People don't care?

An article in the Huffington post proclaims, "NHL's Biggest Problem As Lockout Draws On: Most People Don't Care."

Generally speaking NHL fans are a very passionate and dedicated bunch. NHL fans came back eagerly after the lost 2004-05 season. Maybe it is not so much that the fans don't care about the NHL lockout this time around as much as they are preoccupied with their more pressing issues.

Across North America businesses have reduced salaries and employee benefits in the name of cutting costs. If most North American workers were faced with taking a cut in pay or find work elsewhere, they would be forced to take the pay cut. The average worker can not walk away in protest because they have families to support.

The argument of the spoiled rich guys, the billionaire owners versus millionaire players often comes up.  The millionaire players are failing to respect the fans support of them after the last lock out. The fans came back to the hockey rinks and arenas and supported the players so they could make their millions. 

It is hard to respect the players who now thumb their noses to the fans. Instead of the players collectively sticking together and demanding that negotiations continue, the bigger name stars go off to play in other hockey leagues in Russia or Europe.

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