Alex Rodriguez and Biogenesis scandal have sports networks losing focus

Radio Announcer

At a time when Major League Baseball pennant races are typically the topic of sports news, some sports networks focus on Alex Rodriguez and performance enhancing drugs.

Major League Baseball has the longest and richest history of the major sports leagues dating back to 1869. As July ends, and August begins, Major League Baseball pennant races are typically the topic of sports news.  Sadly, in 2013, Alex Rodriguez and a now defunct clinic known as Biogenesis of America dominate the talk on televison and radio sports reports.

Listening to a major sports network for over an hour on the morning drive to work today, every mention of Major League Baseball was about the possible suspensions of Alex Rodriguez and a handful of unnamed players implicated in the Biogenesis performance enhancing drug scandal.

Sadly, there was no mention of the Pittsburgh Pirates having their best season in twenty years.  A story that has many casual baseball fans rooting for a team that is not only trying to break out of their slump of twenty losing seasons, but currently fighting for the lead in their division.

Instead of what teams are the surprising winners and losers, or what players are hot or not, the talk was on legal and medical issues. Doctors, lawyers, and anyone who is an expert at something remotely related to performance enhancing drugs and drug related scandals are being interviewed. These experts are questioned on legal and medical aspects of a now defunct clinic known as Biogenesis of America. Talk focuses on  how the clinic allegedly sold performance enhancing drugs to professional athletes.

Sports networks losing focus

The purpose of sports is to be entertained. For just a few hours each evening we hope to relax from the stress of the world and watch grown men play the game of baseball.

On our drive to work in the morning we tune in to sports radio to listen to sports scores, updates on statistics such as home runs and strike outs.

Professional athletes commit crimes. Professional athletes violate the rules of their leagues when they use performance enhancing drugs. Reporting that an athelete has been released, or suspended, in the context of covering a sport is fine.  In depth analysis of crimes and punishment is often way beyond the scope of sports and entertainment.

The super sized sports networks seem to focus on the news side of sports, rather than the entertainment side of sports. Leave the obsessive compulsive coverage of crimes and criminals to the news. 

People aren't tuning in to sports radio to learn more about the medical issues of drugs or the legal issues on defending themselves from scandals. How about some talk on who is winning and who is losing.